Basement Renovation in Mississauga

Elegant Retreat: Mississauga Basement Renovation with Bedrooms, Bathroom, and Cozy Living Area

In the thriving city of Mississauga, Estia Homes took on a sophisticated basement renovation project, adding both practical and luxurious elements to create an elegant retreat. This comprehensive project included the addition of a bathroom, two bedrooms for added functionality, and a cozy living area with a charming corner bar.

Design Concept: Elevating Functionality with Elegance

  1. Bathroom Addition: The incorporation of a new bathroom aimed to enhance convenience, providing an additional space that catered to the practical needs of the household.
  2. Two Bedrooms for Functionality: The addition of two bedrooms not only increased the living space but also offered versatile options, whether for guests, family members, or home office use.
  3. Cozy Living Area with Corner Bar: The central focus of the renovation was the creation of a welcoming and cozy living area, complete with a charming corner bar. This space was designed for relaxation and entertainment.

Challenges and Creative Solutions:

  1. Optimizing Limited Space: The challenge lay in maximizing the available space to incorporate the additional rooms and living area seamlessly. Clever storage solutions and efficient layout planning addressed this concern.
  2. Adding a Bathroom: Plumbing and Permits: Adding a bathroom to the basement presented logistical challenges, including roughing in the plumbing and obtaining necessary permits. Our skilled plumbers and management team worked closely with local authorities to ensure compliance with regulations and a seamless integration of the new bathroom.

Key Features of the Basement Renovation:

  1. Practical Bathroom Addition: The new bathroom, designed with modern fixtures and elegant finishes, provided an additional comfort for the household and guests.
  2. Two Bedrooms for Versatility: The two bedrooms, carefully designed for optimal space utilization, offered flexibility in accommodating guests or serving as dedicated spaces for various needs.
  3. Cozy Living Area with Corner Bar: The living area became a focal point for relaxation, featuring comfortable seating, stylish decor, and a corner bar designed for intimate gatherings and entertaining.

The Final Result: A Stylish Sanctuary

As the Mississauga basement renovation project reached completion, the space was transformed into a stylish sanctuary that combined practicality with elegance. The added bathroom, two bedrooms, and the cozy living area with a corner bar collectively created a haven for both relaxation and hosting guests.

Estia Homes’ commitment to elevating living spaces was evident in this project, where functionality seamlessly blended with sophistication. The renovated basement stands as a testament to our dedication to crafting spaces that cater to the diverse needs and aspirations of homeowners.

Project Manager

Ari Balayan

After renovation

Before renovation

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