Bathroom remodel in Mississauga

Efficient Elegance: Mississauga Bathroom Remodelling Project

In the bustling cityscape of Mississauga, Estia Homes embarked on a bathroom remodeling project that showcased the beauty of simplicity and efficiency. Faced with a compact space, the client sought to maximize every inch while infusing the bathroom with a touch of modern elegance.

Client’s Goals: Maximizing Every Inch

  1. Space Utilization: The client’s primary goal was to optimize the limited space available, making the bathroom feel more open and functional.
  2. Contemporary Aesthetics: While prioritizing functionality, the client desired a contemporary aesthetic, incorporating modern fixtures and clean lines.
  3. Storage Solutions: Ample storage was crucial in the compact space. The client aimed for creative solutions to keep the bathroom organized without compromising on style.

Design Challenges and Innovative Solutions:

  1. Compact Layout: The confined layout of the bathroom demanded a thoughtful approach. Our design team strategically arranged fixtures to create an open flow, ensuring the space felt larger than its physical dimensions.
  2. Custom Storage Nooks: Addressing the need for storage in a compact setting, our craftsmen built custom storage nooks within the walls. Recessed shelves and niches became elegant storage solutions without encroaching on valuable floor space.
  3. Floating Fixtures: To enhance the sense of openness, floating fixtures were introduced. A wall-mounted vanity and a floating toilet not only added a modern touch but also made the floor area appear more expansive.

Simple Elegance in Design Elements:

  1. Neutral Color Palette: A neutral color palette, comprising soft tones and light hues, was chosen to create an airy and timeless ambiance.
  2. Glass Enclosure: The installation of a frameless glass shower enclosure contributed to the visual continuity of the space, allowing natural light to permeate and eliminating the visual barrier of a traditional shower curtain or door.
  3. Compact Yet Luxurious Fixtures: Despite the compact size, the bathroom featured high-quality, luxurious fixtures. A space-saving pedestal sink, a sleek showerhead, and modern faucets elevated the overall aesthetic.

The Unveiling: Efficiency in Simplicity

As the final touches were applied, the Mississauga bathroom remodelling project revealed a harmonious blend of efficiency and elegance. This endeavour demonstrated Estia Homes’ commitment to tailoring solutions that meet the unique demands of each space, showcasing that even in a compact setting, simplicity can be synonymous with sophistication.

Project Manager

Ari Balayan

After renovation

Before renovation

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