Kitchen Remodel in Toronto

Vintage Charm Restored: Toronto Kitchen Remodelling in an 80-Year-Old House

In the historic heart of Toronto, Estia Homes embarked on a kitchen remodeling journey that celebrated the character of an 80-year-old house. This project not only breathed new life into the kitchen but also navigated the challenges of aging infrastructure, particularly with old plumbing, to seamlessly blend vintage charm with modern functionality.

Design Theme: Nostalgia with a Modern Twist

  1. Preserving Original Elements: The client aimed to preserve the vintage charm of the house, including original flooring and architectural details, while updating the kitchen to meet contemporary standards.
  2. Modern Amenities: Despite the nod to history, the client desired modern amenities such as updated appliances, functional storage, and efficient workspace.
  3. Harmonizing Styles: The challenge lay in harmonizing the vintage elements with the new additions, creating a cohesive design that felt both timeless and contemporary.

Key Features of the Remodelled Kitchen:

  1. Vintage Flooring Restoration: Original hardwood flooring was restored, providing a warm and nostalgic backdrop for the kitchen’s new design.
  2. Custom Cabinetry with Period Details: Cabinetry was custom-designed to incorporate period-appropriate details, such as traditional molding and hardware, while offering modern functionality.
  3. Modernized Appliances: State-of-the-art appliances were seamlessly integrated, ensuring the kitchen met the demands of contemporary living without compromising its historical aesthetic.

Navigating Challenges with Old Plumbing:

  1. Upgrading Plumbing Infrastructure: The aging plumbing posed challenges, necessitating a comprehensive upgrade to meet current safety and efficiency standards. Our team worked closely with plumbing specialists to modernize the system while respecting the house’s historical integrity.
  2. Ensuring Compatibility: Careful consideration was given to ensuring that new plumbing fixtures seamlessly complemented the vintage-inspired design, creating a cohesive visual narrative.
  3. Minimizing Disruption: Working in an older structure requires finesse to minimize disruptions. The plumbing upgrade was executed with precision to ensure a smooth transition without compromising the overall project timeline.

The Result: A Timeless Kitchen with Character

As the final touches graced this Toronto kitchen remodelling project, the result was a harmonious blend of vintage charm and modern functionality. The kitchen, nestled within an 80-year-old house, now stands as a testament to Estia Homes’ ability to transform challenges into opportunities, breathing new life into historic spaces while preserving their unique character.

Project Manager

Ari Balayan

After renovation

Before renovation

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